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Case n ° 5

environmental law

Case n°5 : Environmental law support


An Oxygen+ client wishes to obtain support in environmental law as part of his financial investment activity on projects that his clients submit to him.


In fact, the client must have a file-by-file perspective on the viability of the projects submitted to him with regard to the constraints related to environmental law.


The client needs external support for a fixed period to allow him to reorganize himself internally and to be able, in the long term, to assume by himself this mission of advice to operational staff.


Oxygen+ provides support through an Oxygen+ environmental lawyer who is sufficiently experienced to understand both the environmental and economic issues of the project and to provide the right advice.


Duration of the assignment: 6 months on an average 2 days per week basis


During the period of reorganization of its department, the client was able to continue to provide legal advice in environmental law to its operational teams.