business cases

Case n ° 2

Drafting an information brochure

Case n°2: Drafting and editing of an information brochure

A client of Oxygen+ wants to draft and edit an information brochure on legal and economic aspects aimed at making government decision-makers, deputies and senators better understand the need to change the legislation.

The client seeks both legal expertise to work alongside him to understand, dissect and argue and ultimately convince on the legal need to change a law. The client also wishes to have the support of a very "business oriented" structure which fully understands the economic stakes of such legislative development.

Moreover, the client also seeks a project manager who will ultimately assemble all this information in a document, follow the work of the mark-up designer, and select the photographs to have a turnkey document.

In "commando" mode due to a tight deadline, the Oxygen+ lawyer will play this role and will interact on a daily basis with the legal director and the project manager, so that the document is ready on time.


Duration of the assignment: 2 months


Customer satisfied because he alone would not have been able to free up so much time for the production of this document within a limited timeframe - Brochure finalized and communicated to parliamentarians and ministries concerned.