Case n ° 8

business law

Case n°8: Business law support


An Oxygen+ customer is the subject of a takeover by another group, which involves a process of several months to carry out the "due diligence", negotiate the SPA and GAP, etc.

During this period, the Legal Director, the sole legal expert in his structure in France, will have great difficulty in continuing to assume his daily tasks of negotiating business contracts and other legal activities related to the company's day-to-day activity.

The client turns to Oxygen+ which provides support with a general practitioner to provide support on a wide variety of subjects. While respecting client confidentiality, this Oxygen+ Lawyer was able to leverage the knowledge of other Oxygen + Lawyers on the specific subject matters facing the client.

Duration of the assignment: initially 3 months and ultimately 6 months


The acquisition was finalized and the usual legal support for operational staff was provided.